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  • … are passionate entrepreneurs looking for partners with the same entrepreneurial spirit.
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  • … have comprehensive experiences conducting business online. Our portfolio companies benefit from the efficient methods and expertise iVentureCaptial brings to the table. As a team we strive to achieve maximum success.
  • ... built the foundation through frequent exchange of experiences and concrete collaboration between the portfolio companies.
  • ... have invested in companies focused on game development, publishing as well as distribution, portals and technology.
  • … exclusively invest our own money in companies in the games industry. Our capital is derived from our successful Online companies
  • … We take a “hands on” approach to accelerate profitability quickly. We are interested in the long-term success of our mutual project and enterprise joint venture. We are not exit driven, as we are not dependent on using third party money. However we remain open minded.
  • ... call Hamburg, Germany our home and have offices in Vienna, Austria and Miami, FL, USA.